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  • Auto Dealer Water Purification

  • The Auto Choice

    Auto dealerships and service centers are choosing the Pure Water Technology® 3i point-of-use water purification system to completely satisfy their showroom and waiting room needs.

  • Freshness You Can Taste™ Purified Drinking Water

    • Provide your customers with fresh, pure, oxygenated water.
    • Continuous supply of cold and hot options — satisfying all your customer needs.

    Cost Management & Increased Efficiency

    • Traditional Water Cooler < Point-of-Use: no storage, no delivery, and a continuous supply of purified water for one monthly price.
    • No disruption of your showroom or office with bottled water deliveries.
    • No storing, spilling or lifting of 42 lb. bottles (5-gallon jugs) — keeping your showroom and office safe and clean.

    Show Off Your Showroom

    • Sleek curvature, modern design and state-of-the-art technology to fit perfectly with the aesthetics of your showroom.
    • “Go Green” alternative to traditional bottled water coolers — aligns with the eco-friendly buying habits and interests of your customers.

  • Current Customers From Major Manufacturers

    & Service Centers Across America