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  • Commercial Water Purification

  • 101 Water Texas is dedicated and committed to assisting commercial industries with obtaining a maximum quality of water treatment equipment to handle any water volume, no matter how extreme the conditions are. With the help of 101 Water Texas, your commercial business in Austin and San Antonio, Texas can have a custom designed pure water system to meet your facility’s needs.

    101 Water Texas specialists have expert training, years of valuable experience, extra ordinary skills in problems solving, architecture design, and purifying water treatments to help you achieve the purifying water needs of your commercial building. We have effectively introduced superior quality industrial and commercial water processing and filtration systems as well as systems designed to benefit the environment. With our experience working with world renowned clients, we understand all aspects of commercial as well as industrial water filtration and processing installation and maintenance.

    At 101 Water Texas, we offer a number of different types of water solutions to commercial establishments. They include but are not limited to the following:

    • Consultations
    • Desalinization
    • Reverse Osmosis System – High Volume
    • Water Filtration for Geothermal HVAC Units
    • Desal Solutions
    • Global Water Services
    • Spec Engineering
    • Procurement
    • Environmental Evaluations and Solutions
    • Custom Engineering and Designing
    • And More

    101 Water Texas offers commercial entities complete installation, repair and maintenance on fine equipment and supplies including but not limited to; Commercial Water Softeners, Commercial Water Filters, High Volume Reverse Osmosis Skid and Mobile Units, Distillers, Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, 3 Phase Pumps and Control Panels, Metering Pumps, Resins and Other Filter Media,  APW 250 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, APW 151 (4 in one +1), APW 1500 Reverse Osmosis System, Gl D-3 Distiller, and so much more.

    With installation on any of our commercial purification or filtration systems, 101 Water Texas can provide your commercial or industrial facility with superior water for your needs. Commercial and industrial businesses equally rely on an excellent source of drinking water and water treatments for your guests as you do other services, and with 101 Water Texas, we can help you find the treatment to fit your needs.

    101 Water Texas offers expert consultation services, catering the commercial businesses and industrial properties for those who know they need water system installation, but are uncertain of which system is the most optimal.   Our experts can discuss in detail all of our systems and answer your questions in an effort to get your commercial and industrial establishment the best water system to meet your needs.

    For commercial events that have temporary buildups we conveniently have water stations where you can dramatically reduce plastic waste and positively impact the environment. For drinking water stations in parks, festivals, and fairs throughout towns, we have experience installing the drinking stations, which can be a sustainable key factor when planning your event.   Branded water stations and sponsors across your event can make additional revenue by selling the advertising spaces. Call us today to get started!