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  • Fitness Water Purification

  • The FIT Choice

    Fitness centers across America are keeping clients hydrated, healthy and happy with the Pure Water Technology® 3i point-of-use water purification system.

  • Fresh, Clean Purified Drinking Water

    • Provide your clients with fresh, pure, oxygenated water.
    • Continuous supply of cold water with adjustable temperature control specific to your fitness center needs.

    Revive Your Clients After a Hard Workout

    • Our Activated Oxygen Injection increases oxygen levels in the water immediately following the injection process — keeping your clients refreshed and revitalized after a hard workout.
    • Large and illuminated dispense area fits sports bottles which keeps your fitness center spill-free.

    Ensure Health and Safety for Your Gym Clients

    • 3i features CleanContact™ — anti-microbial touchpad and surrounding surfaces to protect your clients from cross-contamination of germs in your fitness center.
    • Ergonomic design and large dispense area prevents germ contamination of the dispense nozzle.