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  • Medical Water Purification

  • Health Care Applications

    Healthcare offices across America are keeping patients & staff hydrated, happy and healthy with the Pure Water Technology® 3i point-of-use water purification system.

  • Health & Safety for Your Office Staff & Patients

    • FEATURING CleanContact™ — anti-microbial protection for your healthcare facility. CleanContact technology infuses the touchpad and surrounding surfaces with an organic anti-microbial ingredient.
    • Pure Touch Dispense system — all features are designed to prevent cross contamination of germs near the dispense nozzle.

    Fresh Clean Purified Drinking Water

    • Provide continuous oxygenated water purified by our multi-stage process including ozone disinfection that removes 96% of total dissolved solids (PCBs, chlorine, pharmaceuticals) and harmful bacteria and viruses.
    • Cold and hot water options with adjustable temperature control.

    Efficiency & Productivity

    • No more storing, spilling or lifting of 42 lb. bottles (5-gallon jugs) — keeping your medical facility clean and safe!

    Price Protection

    • Our all-inclusive monthly price includes yearly service & filter changes.
    • We eliminate any hidden fees, such as service, delivery, fuel surcharge and admin.