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  • Industrial Water Purification

  • The Industrial Choice

    Warehouse, manufacturing and logistics facilities are choosing to reduce costs & injuries while increasing productivity & efficiency with the Pure Water Technology® 3i point-of-use water purification system.

  • Purified Drinking Water

    • Provide your employees with fresh, pure, oxygenated water.
    • Continuous supply of cold and hot options for all your employee needs

    Stay Injury-Free & OSHA-Compliant

    • Avoid risk of injury by improper lifting of traditional 5-gallon bottles (weighing over 40 lbs. each).
    • Stay spill-free and slip-proof with our bottle less cooler featuring a spacious dispense area and dispense area light for precise dispensing.

    Increase Productivity & Efficiency

    • Easy and quick employee access to a continuous drinking water source — keeping everyone hydrated and operating at all times.
    • Eliminate the time wasted with traditional water coolers — no more storing, tracking or replenishing of 5-gallon bottles with our point-of-use system.

    No Facility is Too Big or Too Small

    • 3i can be placed nearly anywhere in your facility — accommodating the need for a water source in close proximity to workstations throughout the facility for easy and quick employee access.
    • Our technicians can connect directly to your main water line for continuous fresh, pure water.