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  • Residential Water Purification

  • 101 Water Texas knows what it takes to get water running well to take care of residential homes in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Wanting pure water for your loved ones is something everyone should have at their disposal. Since 1994, we have been assisting homeowners deal with the many water issues you may be facing.

    101 Water Texas is completely dedicated and committed to ensure you get the water systems and products you need at affordable pricing. Our services and products include but are not limited to the following:

    • Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Filtration
    • Water Treatments
    • Well Water Filtration
    • Whole House Water Filtration
    • And more               

    There are a multitude of reasons as to why you may need water treatments for your home. 101 Water Texas has the solution for you. Below are just some of the tell tale signs indicating you need 101 Water Texas assisting you with your home’s water needs.

    - Pungent Odors are emitting throughout your home. Smells such as; chlorine, rotten egg smell, musty or moldy, or sewage all indicate an issue. 

    - Excessive staining on surfaces like rings in the bathtub or sink and on laundry.

    - Peculiar tastes present in the water like metallic, salty, or musty or moldy.

    Most of these problems are easily fixed and are quite harmless, while others indicate a contamination or a serious health risk. In any case, 101 Water Texas can be instrumental in resolving the above issues. Our experts can analyze your water, ascertain the dilemma and present the best possible solution.

    101 Water Texas also tends to your well by performing well drilling and pump installation services and well repair services. We also perform additional water services including water softener installation and so much more for your home.               

    At 101 Water Texas, our number one goal is to give you the cleanest available water possible straight from the comforts of your own faucet. With your water being free of heavy minerals and harmful contaminants, your water will be void of the awful tastes, disturbing coloring and perplexing smells.

    101 Water Texas services are highly beneficial to any residential homeowner, below are just a few examples.               

    - We will find solutions to your home’s water problems.

    - 101 Water Texas experts have the drilling, pump, and filtration installation specialists, as well as master consultants, expert support staff, and a well rounded team of professionals eager to assist you.       

    - We can save you money from avoiding purchasing watering from an outside source like water bottles and such.

    Your residential water can be dramatically improved simply by investing your time in 101 Water Texas' consultation service. Following a consultation we will be in a better position to assess the best possible solution for your home’s water. 101 Water Texas believes you should have the convenience of healthy water right from the comforts of your own home, and we want to make it happen with our affordable services. Call us today to get started!