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  • Commercial Water Filters & Softeners

  • At 101 Water Texas, we are committed to bringing commercial services to those companies in Austin and San Antonio, Texas looking for a higher level quality of water treatment equipment capable of handling any source of water volume under extreme conditions. No matter what the circumstances are, 101 Water Texas is experienced and eager to design your custom water system to accommodate all your needs. Meeting all the necessary licensing and certification requirements, we are passionate about our work and are eager to prove why so many clients have chosen our expertise to deliver services on all aspects of commercial and industrial water filtration and processing.

    At 101 Water Texas, we pride ourselves on catering to commercial and industrial facilities and supplying them with the water systems and products they require. Our specialists are ready to give your company a consultation to determine which water system is most optimal for your business.

    101 Water Texas commercial services and products include, but in no way are limited to the following:

    -  Custom Design and Engineering

    -  Desal Solutions

    -  Environmental Evaluations and Solutions

    -  Commercial Water Softeners and Filters

    -  High Volume Reverse Osmosis Skid and Mobile Units

    -  Distillers

    -  Storage Tanks

    -  Pressure Vessels

    -  3 Phase Pumps and Control Panels

    -  Metering Pumps

    -  Resins and Other Filter Media

    -  APW 250 Commercial

    -  APW 151 (4 in one +1)

    -  APW 1500

    -  Gl D-3 Distiller

    101 Water Texas commercial and industrial consultation service is designed to assist businesses with determining what water system and products are ideal for your business and what is essential for your guests. Restaurants for example would need filtered watered where a hotel may need filtered water and a water softening system. No matter what your industrial or commercial facility water needs are, during 101 Water Texas consultation service, we will be able to pinpoint your needs.

    Commercial water softeners and filters are very common for commercial and industrial establishments. Reverse Osmosis is a filtration system very much like the membrane filtration with a few select differences. Reverse Osmosis water filtration has a few applications favorable to the industrial and commercial water filtration and processing needs; desalination, drink water purification and more.

    Ultraviolet Water Disinfection is another system performed by 101 Water Texas. UV water filtration is a popular way to ensure all the bacteria and other organisms in water are killed and this method has proven very effective. It does not filter water, merely disinfects. After the UV treatment disinfects the water, the taste, smell, and clarity is not altered. Because of this, it is highly recommended the UV treatment system is paired with filtration systems to improve the clarity, taste, and odor of your water.

    No matter what your commercial or industrial water needs are, 101 Water Texas can assist you in finding what you need to improve the water. With our expertise and experience we will be super fast and efficient. Call 101 Water Texas today to get started!