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    Distilled water is water that has been turned into steam so all the impurities are left behind. The steam is then condensed to make pure water.

    The prolonged boiling process of distillation kills and removes virtually all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. There is simply no other process as efficient or reliable.

  • Once distilled, the water is as pure as water can reasonably be. So it should be no surprise that steam distilled water is the standard by which all other waters are measured.

  • Benefits/Features

    Produces 10 gallons of pure, clean water daily.
    The Gl D-3 Distiller provides you with up to 10 gallons of pure, clean water every day. It’s pure water that is free of the pollutants and contaminants found in most drinking water. It is safe, great tasting water that is ideal for drinking and cooking. Perfect for equipment that requires ultra pure water.

    The only water distiller you can install under the counter.
    Of all the water distillers on the market the Gl D -3 is the only water distiller safe to mount under the sink or in any other enclosed area you choose. That’s because it uses a unique patented water-cooling process that eliminates the hot air exhaust normally associated with air-cooled water distillers. With no hot air, it’s safe to install wherever you like!

    Water that’s always cool and ready to drink.
    One of the most frequent complaints from other water distiller owners is that their distilled water is sometimes hot when the unit is replenishing its storage reserve. This is never a problem with the Gl D -3 distiller. Because it’s a water-cooled distiller, cool pure water is always available at the touch of a button.

    Plus you can enjoy pure hot water in an instant. The Gl D -3 distiller can also be attached to any under-the-counter instant hot water tap to quickly make hot soups, teas and coffee, or to a Point Of Use water cooler that will chill and heat your water.

    Costs less. Saves you money.
    Typically, air-cooled distiller units will use up to 40% more in electrical costs vs. G1 D-3 units. Plus, don’t be fooled by what sounds like a low price for other water distillers. By the time you add a pump and auto-clean options to competitive units, the Gl D -3 distiller costs much less. The D-3 comes with a built-in pump, auto drain boiler for maintenance-free operation, and with all the hoses, fixtures and extras needed for complete installation.

    Clean pure water for less than 22¢ a gallon.
    Bottled water is expensive … and you’re not even guaranteed that it’s safe. With the Gl D -3 distiller, you can make your own clean, pure, safe distilled water at home for less than 22 cents a gallon!

    Hooks up to your refrigerator or ice maker.
    The Gl D -3 distiller system allows water to be drawn on demand and distributed through a special faucet installed at your sink. And you can even hook it up to your automatic icemaker or to your refrigerator’s water dispenser.

    Low maintenance and self-sterilizing.
    The Gl D -3 distiller is the only distiller that operates silently, plus it is a low-maintenance, self-sterilizing appliance that automatically cleans its boiler.

    Features D-3AD
    · Compact size: 21″(l) x 13″(w) x 15″(h) / 55 cm(l) x 33 cm(w) x 40 cm(h)
    · 1000 watts, 120 volts 60 hz 8.5 amps
    · D-3 produces 10 gallons (35 litres) pure distilled water daily.
    · 5 gallon (18 litres) storage tank
    · Self-sterilizing
    · Automatic clean unit
    · Low density stainless steel
    · High capacity demand pump standard
    · Dual gas elimination for superior water quality
    · Automatic product water cooling for instant usage
    · Dual water preheating for energy efficiency
    · Thermal cut-off for safety