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  • Although it might seem bizarre at first glance, the truth is that office water coolers can actually improve employee productivity. This does make a lot of sense. A recent study concluded that employee productivity goes up by as much as 15% when employers focus more on breaks than memos and to-do lists. And water is one of the most basic human needs. Dehydration can set in quickly, leading employees to perform less than optimally across all types of tasks. Combining these factors, it becomes easier to see how an office water cooler is an easy way to boost productivity.

    Benefits of Office Water Coolers

    office water coolers

    You might wonder whether you really need a water cooler, especially if you already have water fountains or a kitchen sink. In fact, a water cooler has several benefits over other types of water delivery mechanisms:

    Temperature: Unlike a water fountain, which can become warm and gross during the hot summer months, water coolers are designed to maintain a cool, pleasant temperature.

    Convenience: Water coolers are normally placed in an easily accessed location, where employees can stop by as many times as they like throughout the day.

    Hygiene: Office water coolers have built-in hygiene features to minimize the transfer of germs, and are generally serviced far more often than water fountains.

    Taste: Water from a cooler generally tastes far better than water from a tap, encouraging employees to drink more.

    Direct Impacts on Employee Productivity


    Water coolers have long been at the center of employee culture in many offices. They encourage interactions between employees from different departments, creating a more cohesive environment and even breeding new innovations. Other impacts include, but are not limited to:

    Mini-Breaks: Visiting the water cooler creates a mini-break in an employee’s day, which can help to clear the mind and revitalize the body.

    Better Brain Functioning: Even mild dehydration can lead to errors in mathematical calculations, intricate handiwork, and other mental tasks.

    Improved Physical Health: Dehydration is a progressive disorder that starts with sluggishness and can escalate to headaches, drowsiness, and even heart and kidney problems. Keeping your employees well-hydrated can minimize lost productivity due to health issues.

    Morale Boost: Providing an office water cooler shows your employees that you care for their physical and mental well-being. This can translate into increased loyalty and a renewed focus on always giving their best efforts.

    Fewer Long Breaks: If you don’t offer your employees an effortless way to grab a cold drink, they will be more likely to head out to the corner store when they get thirsty. Rather than 5 minutes at the water cooler, you could lose them for 15 minutes or more at the store.

    Although it might seem silly at first glance, there is solid evidence that providing an office water cooler can return significant dividends in improved employee morale, health, and productivity. With so much at stake, can you afford not to invest in a water cooler?

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