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  • 101 Water Texas offers the local residents of San Antonio, Texas with a variety of high quality products and treatment services. We are committed to bringing people the opportunity to have environmentally safe and premium quality water at their disposal. 101 Water Texas diligently strives to encourage folks to join the Go Green Movement and ditch the pre-bottled water and take advantage of our superior water treatment services and products. Our experts can assist you in finding the most optimal water solution for you while ensuring superior support, service, and application for your home or business’s water needs.

    101 Water Texas would like the opportunity to spotlight one of our premium quality products, Bodecker single serving brewing system. Avid coffee drinkers know all too well that that great coffee combined with premium water is the most optimal way to achieve the ultimate in brewed coffee. Having this innovation in your home or office can reduce coffee while still offering the best accommodations to coffee drinkers. The Bodecker single serving brewing system is directly installed in your plumbing, to provide an endless supply of coffee throughout the day. With hot and perfectly filtered water, your coffee will have the perfect aroma, acidity, body, and flavor for your enjoyment.

    The Bodecker Brewer has reliable and efficient performance; designed by on office coffee service who recognized the frustrating and demanding high cost in maintaining other single cup brewers. After years of development to achieve an economical and reliable single-cup brewer, the Bodecker Brewer was born. The primary reason is that it is designed with the minimum of moving parts. Moving parts produce friction, causing excessive wear and tear, by minimizing the moving components, the single-cup brewer is more cost effective and durable. The incredible composition of a water heating system, with only one moving part to eject the spent cup is why the Bodecker Brewer shines. The water pressure delivery, flow, and quality are ideal for producing a highly efficient brewer.

    Because the Bodecker Brewer design was carefully considered during the engineering process, there is no flavor tracing.   By limiting the travel distance during the brewing process, there is minimal contact with parts of the brewer’s assembly, eliminating the transfer flavor. With careful and thoughtful design, your single-cup brewing will be a delightful experience.

    The Bodecker Brewer has additional benefits that include:

    • Vending Application – With illuminated paneling indicating the price of a digital display allows operators to change the price and avoid the hassle of labels.
    • Space Saving – With the compact features, your brewer can be placed nearly anywhere to save valuable space.
    • Pour Over- If hooking into the plumbing is an issue; we offer the same great filtering and brewing system that manually has water added, with an indicator to let operators know when the water is at low levels.
    • And more.

    If you are interested in the Bodecker Brewer for single-cup applications, contact 101 Water Texas today and let our experts begin a consultation with you!