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  • Water Coolers

  • We’re committed to providing our customers in Austin and San Antonio, Texas with state-of-the-art, economical, high-quality water purification systems.

  • Your bottled water may not be as FRESH as you think…
    Bottled water companies promote an image of health and wellness, yet the life cycle of a bottle seems anything but healthy for your workplace or the world we live in. To give you a FRESH perspective, these companies add millions of pollutants to our air during the manufacturing and transportation process — not so HEALTHY for the environment.

  • • Bulk water is transported from a remote source
    • The water is processed and packaged in bottles made from petroleum products
    • Packaged water is shipped around the globe
    • Bottles are warehoused and then delivered to retail stores and local customers.


    In addition, the water you drink from your current bottled cooler may not be as PURE as you think. There is great opportunity for water contamination from the moment of water injection at the factory to the time the bottle is unsealed and lifted into the cooler. This common problem can occur due to germ contamination from the user’s hands which unseal the bottle, or even from the bacteria build-up within your cooler due to improper maintenance—not so HEALTHY for your workplace.

    In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of bottled water, some companies have turned to converted bottled water coolers, otherwise known as filter coolers. But filter coolers don’t always provide the FRESHness, purity and protection that your work environment demands. Poorly designed and improperly maintained filter coolers can actually increase contamination levels and generate high levels of bacteria in a reservoir of unprotected water.

    The Pure Water Technology
    The FRESH, PURE, HEALTHY Choice!

    PHSI Pure Water Technology’s newest system eliminates the environmental and workplace impact of bottled water systems while supplying FRESH, PURE and HEALTHY drinking water at the point-of-use.

  • CleanContact™
    Anti-microbial touchpad and surrounding surfaces manufactured and tested to protect against cross-contamination of germs within the workplace.

  • 24/7-System Monitoring
    At the core of PHSI’s patented technology is a microprocessor that controls and monitors activated oxygen injection, filter life, water quality, and all other system functions 24 hours a day.

  • Activated Oxygen Injection
    Oxygenates the water during the ATS process, delivering FRESHNESS YOU CAN TASTE™.

  • ATS-Auto Tank Sanitization
    Eliminates microbiological contamination and does away with the tedious and often overlooked task of sanitizing the holding tank.

  • Pure Touch Dispense
    The ergonomic design delivers an optimum dispense height and spacious dispense area for large containers which prevents germ contamination of the dispense nozzle.

  • Choose Fresh, Healthy, Pure Water

    Pure Water Technology dispenses it all — right in your workplace.
    Satisfy your thirst for FRESH, HEALTHY, PURE WATER. Austin Pure Water delivers glass after glass of pure drinking water at the touch of a button while keeping our world and your workplace healthy.