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  • 2i Water Coolers

  • Pure Water Technology’s 2i incorporates leading edge technology for superior point-of-use water purification. The 2i provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to bottled and filtered water coolers to deliver glass after glass of PURE WATER.

  • Since 1994, we at 101 Water Texas have been diligently striving to do our part in the Go Green Movement while offering the good people of San Antonio, Texas premium water that is convenient. We provide superior water treatments and products to ensure our valued customers are getting the best they possibly can. Our experts offer quality products and treatment installation services, excellent support, and extraordinary customer service.   With 101 Water Texas you can have great tasting, fresh, purified water straight from the tap. We offer prime services at affordable prices.

    This 101 Water Texas product spotlight features 2i from Pure Water Technology. 2i is leading the technology for superior point of use water purification that is not only cost effective, but economy friendly as well. 2i is an exceptional alternative to pre-bottled water and filtered water coolers that provide pure water every time.

    2i’s entire nozzle and front panel is engineered with antimicrobial protection, ideal for homes and businesses with an abundant of potential users that helps avoid cross contamination of germs. It features a dispense nozzle deliberately designed spaciously for dispensing purposes in an effort to eliminate germ contamination. For freshness you can smell and taste, 2i has activated oxygen that raises the oxygen levels to produce more efficient drinking water. With the filter replacement notification light activation, you will know when the filter needs to be replaced to ensure maximum quality water.

    2i technology has a sediment filter, carbon block filter, 8o GPD reverse osmosis membrane, granular activated carbon filter, and activated oxygen injection to deliver the most purified water possible. The 2i purification process broken down is as follows:

    1. Sediment Filter – The sediment filter removes rust, dirt, and silt from the water. Just this one step already dramatically improves water quality.
    2. Carbon Block Filter – Carbon block filters are in place to remove chemicals, solvents, and chlorine from your water, as well as to enhance the taste and health.
    3. 8o GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Lead, mercury, and arsenic are trapped in the 8o GPD reverse osmosis membrane during this process to further increase the integrity, taste, and health of your water.
    4. Granular Activated Carbon Filter – A granular activated carbon filter procedure performs the final polish for you maximum purification.
    5. Activated Oxygen Injection –Finally any lingering bacteria, viruses, and parasites are removed.

    The ingenuity involved with the 2i purification system is expertly crafted to ensure your water is safe, fresh, and pure. Having amazing and healthy water from the convenience of your own tap is well worth the investment. You will no longer have to pay the expenses of bottled water or other such resources and still have the luxury of fine water at your disposal.

    101 Water Texas offers many products like the 2i to give our customers superior quality water. With our support services, we can assist you with anything you might require. To learn more about the 2i or any of our other products, contact 101 Water Texas today!