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  • Vivreau

  • 101 Water Texas of San Antonio, Texas strives to make a difference in the community by offering premium products, maximum support, and superior services; as we have done since 1994. Providing our valued customers with the ultimate water solutions while still actively pursuing the Go Green Movement is our priority. Our experts have been formally trained, accrued extensive experience, and know the most optimal solutions for your needs. Commercial businesses and residential homes of San Antonio, Texas now have quality and greener options when it comes to their water source.

  • 101 Water Texas would like to put the spotlight on one of our high-quality products, Vivreau. In an effort to contribute to the environment, they have become the global leaders in manufacturing and designing on-site water bottling systems. Top professionals in corporate offices, hotels, conference centers, restaurants, and education institutions chose Vivreau for water dispensing systems because of our reputable high standards.

    Vivreau was established in the late 1980s and since then we have developed a more environmentally alternative to drinking water dispensers that give limitless, chilled, and advanced micro filtered water in a reusable, elegant designer glass bottle.   Improving the innovative water quality, Vivreau is the most advanced drinking water system available on the market. Encouraging people to change the way most people drink water and to eliminate the pre-bottled mineral waters throughout the world. With Vivreau, we can provide a higher quality of drinking water that is convenient and that still influences the environment in a positive manner.

    Vivreau fine products include:

    • Table Water Bottling Systems – A Filtered Still and Sparkling Drinking Water is professionally installed to offer premium drinking water without the inflated costs of purchasing bottled water and negatively impacting the environment.
    • Designer Glass Bottles – Reusable water bottles that are both sophisticated and elegant, engineered with translucent glass and a subtle blue hue. It complements the table water dispenser design and is designed to improve hygiene.
    • Vi Tap – Provides your table drinking water with chilled temperatures or boiling hot. A high performance product with perfect water flow and no splash features, is easy to clean and equipped with anti-leak detection.

    If you want to learn more about Vivreau products, contact 101 Water Texas today!