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  • Water Softeners

  • With over fifty years as a leader in the industry, BAUER Soft Water Company is committed to deliver the highest quality products available in the market.

    Baked by extensive research and development, this patented innovative technology, softens water using 90% less salt, 75% less water and 80% less time, while it guarantees 100% soft water 100% of the time….No other softener can do that!. Why buy old wasteful technology when you can own a high efficiency nature friendly one ? ? ? So, please read and learn about this amazing softener.


    Silky hair and soft skin With BAUER soft water, skin and hair look and feel healtier. As pores open, the skin´s natural oils are released, moisturing the natural way.

    Practically NO salt or potassium residue Unlike all other softener brands, BAUER innovative
    technology has a perfect ion exchange that leaves practically no salt residue in your water flow.

    No slimy feeling Unlike all conventional water softeners, BAUER leaves no residue in your water, so water feels soft and refreshing the natural way, not slimy.

    Save on electrical and gas bills Hard water cause buildup in appliances, like your water heater and dishwasher, making the heating element less efficient therefore wasting energy. Softening your water can stop buildup and even clean it, saving you money.

    Save money on laundry, cleaning and personal care products Soft water decreases the amount of costly soaps, conditioners and detergents required. You can also use soaps and cleaning products designed for soft water, this products are gentile and have no added chemicals for softening.

    Easier and less expensive household cleaning BAUER softened water dramatically reduces soap scum and scaling, making cleaning easier

    Increases water flow Hard water can leave deposits on your pipes that will bring your water flow to a screeching halt. BAUER water softeners remove this deposits before they collect in your pipes. Also, BAUER equipment is plumbed not just externally but internally, in full 1″, no 3/4″ or even 1/2″, like others.

    Increased life of water using appliances Since there is no mineral buildup and scaling, appliances will last longer and work better. Most manufacturer’s warranty for this appliances “are void in the presence of hard water”

    Cleaner and brighter clothes With BAUER soft water soaps work better, you will notice this with cleaner, brighter clothes