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  • Residential Water Filters & Softeners

  • 101 Water Texas proudly offers a rich supply of water treatment services as well as water enhancing products to residential homeowners in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have clean, purified, disinfected, and filtered water at the ease and convenience of their own faucet. Our team of professionals has the experience, training, and understanding of residential water systems. Since 1994, we have been helping homeowners improve their water supply and the benefits are endless.

    101 Water Texas residential services and product installation services include but is not limited to the following:

    • Water Softening Systems
    • Whole House Water Filtration Systems
    • Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Filtration
    • Water Treatments
    • Well Water Filtration
    • And more               

    101 Water Texas' water softening system installation service is ideal if you notice hard water spots on the dishes, clothes look dull quickly after just a few washes, a crust develops on the faucets, and the your skin doesn’t feel rinsed after washing with soap. The hard deposits are leaving a layer on the surfaces it comes into contact with. Not only is it destroying the aesthetics of your surfaces, but it also contributes to excessive wear and tear. Water softeners spare your skin and hair the abuse of hard water and preserve your laundry, dishes, appliance, and other household items.

    Our whole house water filtration system is an excellent way to have pure drinking water coming from every tap of your home, while also preserving your household items from contamination of bacteria and contaminants found in the general public’s water source.    Ensuring your water is cleaned and disinfected for you and your family is priceless, but our affordable whole house water filtration system can do just that; leaving your water clean and refreshingly delicious.               

    101 Water Texas' under sink reverse osmosis filtration is offered to our residential customers for applications including desalination, drinking water purification and so much more. Reverse osmosis is a movement of water through a semi-permeable membrane; with the intention being of removing all particles from the water is it moves through it. In a normal osmosis process, the solvent will have a tendency to naturally move from one low concentrated area of solute to a higher concentrated area with no external application of pressure. Reverse osmosis is when the movement of water uses external pressure to move the water through the semi-permeable, leaving the solute on one side of the membrane to the other and pure water to pass from one side to the other.

    With so many services and products 101 Water Texas has to offer your residential building, your home will have the opportunity to have pure drinking water and enriched watering system to safeguard you and your family as well as preserve your household items. If your home’s water source could use some tender love and care, call the professionals from 101 Water Texas today to get started. Our experts are eager to assist you in getting the maximum quality of water you deserve.