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  • Residential Water Treatment

  • Residential homes throughout San Antonio, Texas have a much better option in their drinking water with the experts at 101 Water Texas. Since 1994 we have been diligently striving to Go Green and give people an alternative to bottled water by offering our advanced water technology methods and treatments. Our goal is for our valued customers to have fresh, healthy, and pure water in the comfort of your own home or business. 101 Water Texas supplies effective products, customer support and related services at affordable prices. 101 Water Texas specialists have the training, skills and experience to ensure you are equipped with the most optimal services available. We utilize only the highest-end products and materials to ensure our customers receive nothing less than the best. 101 Water Texas proudly provides residential homes across San Antonio, Texas with water treatments that among others include water filtration treatments and water softening systems.

    101 Water Texas whole house water filtration system installations for residential homeowners gives you the advantages of great tasting, pure, clean, and fresh water without having to get it from the store; not only helping you get the best water possible, but also contributing to the environment without having plastic bottles clutter our lands and oceans. 101 Water Texas gives the peace of mind that your water is clean and disinfected; free from bacteria and harmful contaminates!

    Filtration systems in residential home of San Antonio, TX share additional benefits that include better cared for skin, clothing and appliances to name a few with the added bonus of a far more efficient home. Additionally, for those that are avid bottled water purchasers, you will find significant long term savings without having to continually purchase bottled water.

    101 Water Texas also delivers the ultimate in water softening system installation for residential homes. Water softening treatments installed in your home are incredibly beneficial. Water softening treatments enhance your home’s plumbing systems and appliances. They keep your home cleaner, clothes lasting longer, and improve your skin and hair. Hard water has excessive minerals that quickly buildup on pipes, faucets, and appliances that frequently use water. These minerals form a crusty buildup restricting water flow and draining as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear. Your dishes often look foggy and spotted, no matter how much you effort you put towards cleaning them. Laundry deteriorates faster as the harsh minerals compromises the fibers every time you launder them, causing them to wear far sooner. Your skin feels itchy and dry and hair is limp and lifeless.

    Having water softening treatments and water filtration systems by 101 Water Texas improves the daily routines in your residential household of San Antonio, Texas. With so many perks, most importantly going green and still enjoying the benefits of fresh, clean water is the number one reason you should consider investing in our residential water treatment services. Call 101 Water Texas today to learn more!