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  • Why Switch from Water Delivery to Point of Use Water Coolers?

  • Many businesses have long relied on water delivery services to restock company water coolers. Water delivery staff bring pre-filled five gallon containers of water to your location to use in rented water dispensers. Depending on your company’s water needs, delivery may happen a few times a month to a couple of times a week.
    Point of use water coolers operate differently. Instead of deliveries, water is purified and cooled instantly onsite with a dedicated water line. Here are some reasons that it’s a good idea to switch from a water delivery service to the installation of a point of use water cooler.

    Less Expensive

    Man Recycling
    Point of use water coolers are less expensive over the long run than a water delivery service in. In most cases, water from point of use water coolers costs mere cents per gallon. When you remove the costs of delivery, storage, and labor, the savings are passed along to customers via point of use water coolers.

    More Environmentally Friendly

    Water delivery services manufacture bottles for delivery and burn fuel in delivery. Plus, many of the water delivery services offer customers little paper cups that end up in the trash. Installing a point of use water cooler is better for the environment by eliminating these common areas of waste.

    Access to the Amount of Water You Need

    The amount of water your team uses in a week may vary depending on a number of factors. Employee absences and new hires may cause fluctuations in your water supply. When you have a point of use water cooler, you’ll never run out of water and have to call for a last minute water delivery. Because you filter your water right in your office, you’ll have access to the amount of water you need.

    No More Delivery Times

    Water delivery companies love when offices have set hours, and they can deliver within a time range to accommodate for unexpected delays such as traffic or last minute client water deliveries. For companies who spend a large amount of time at client sites or in meetings, it can be a hassle to leave someone behind to wait for the water delivery company. When you use a point of use water cooler, you don’t have to worry about who will be there to accept deliveries.

    Fewer Contaminants

    It may sound unbelievable, but point of use water coolers have fewer contaminants than water from water delivery services, primarily because of the heavy water bottles that the water is transported in. Think about where the bottle travels from. It sits on carts, floors, and is handled by many different people who share their germs on the actual bottle. The water from point of use water coolers is handled by no one, so there is not an opportunity for water to become contaminated.
    For many businesses, point of use water coolers offer a tremendous amount of flexibility, cost savings and other benefits. Unless your business is currently operating from a temporary office location, it’s something to invest in. Call 101 Water Texas at 210-510-4105 to learn more about point of use water coolers and how they can help your business.